I am a Filipino academic whose  interests lie in the intersection of international law and politics as well as in the Christian philosophy identified with the Dutch thinkers Herman Dooyeweerd and D.H.Th. Vollenhoven.

Prof. Romel Regalado Bagares  lectures in public international law and private international law at the Lyceum of the Philippines University  College of Law. He earned communication and law degrees from the University of the Philippines and a master’s in the philosophy of international law (cum laude) at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, the Netherlands.  He also serves as associate editor of the Asia-Pacific Yearbook of International Law, published by the International Committee of the Red Cross and the UP-Institute of International Legal Studies. .  In April 2010, this proud native of General Santos City  won a fellowship from the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Republic of France under its “Programme d’invitation des personnalités d’avenir” (Invitation Program for Personalities of the Future) . The program, run by the ministry’s Policy Planning Staff (Centre d’analyse et de prévision), selects for a period of personal study in Paris, France, young prominent personalities ranging from 25 to 40 years of age from all over the world who have spent little or no time in France, but who have a growing influence on their country’s affairs or on their country’s relations with France.  Before taking up a career in law, he worked as a news and investigative reporter for The Philippine Star

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  2. Kartika Budhi

    Hello Prof. Bagares,

    May we have your personal email so we may contact you and send you an invitation to our event in May?

    Thank you.

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